Friday, 4 February 2011

What stops one from making fantasy a reality...?

What stops one from making fantasy a reality…(mine’s a flute on a beach)… ever wondered…? Its nature is non-substantial, but perceived as a wider regulatory force. Krsna conscious devotees call it “Maya” and among many other related concepts (which entered other religions) they derived it from the Srimad Bagavatam and othe parts of the Vedas. Now, although he “went in” on the Vatican… and hard, Nietzche dispises it, and fantasizes in Thus Spake Zathura, using a tropical sage as a mouthpiece, but alas he was the classic tortured individual, while self-realized soul’s are distinct in their transcendental vibration.

My point is two-fold: I ran through both teachings on my daughters behalf; pondered paradigms and principles documented in my book, for her kid’s, and her kids kid’s (coz either darkside music or the streets - Maya - will swallow them up)…and all spiritual icons declared war upon Maya (punny, skully, vicodin and Courvosier included my niggugh)

Verdict? Srimad Bagavatam is the illest research datastream ive ever analyzed and later religions either diluted (hot coals) or straight bit the flex - (heavens mirror-replicate-sacred-upon-sacred-mound-then-pyramid astro-precessional-sub-ab-pre-proto-equalatorial-based-religions…obviously exempt…J)  Keep it Shadowless ya’ll!

Last Real Niggugh Lectures…signing out.  

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