Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Things to consider while not trying to cum

Defisis seeks the definitive: blame euphemism and my other allies - well nah actually… she gave me Y/N’s right down this list… which was a splendid surprise… (Maybe coz we were both high on sex hormones)

Question 1.

Everyman is dirty, by degrees of separation,  mob-tied, every institution, infiltrated, some centuries ago, now even unions and research trustees are crooked (allegedly); faced with liquidation then clearly, everyone has a price, reluctantly degrades themselves somewhat: So (bar flaming Buddhists’), is there and exemplary “clean” man worthy of such a title?


Dissatisfied Socrates… or happy pig…? - (skip Y/N just decide)


Speaking of pre-confederation philosophers of Asia Minor:  Such as was the prefect/pupil way of Greek society back then, did Plato bum Aristotle or what…?


Conceivably: Can the Inconceivable Complete Whole… erm… personalize?


Do any of the top ten yats in Hollywood since I was born, NOT have nose job?


Assuming he didn’t master Self, who told Nietzsche perception was immaculate? 


When Reakwon set up Joe Budden backstage were you outraged?


Is not conducting the yogic experiment yourself… unscientific?


Are Alanis Morisette’s Vedic raps “Surrender is a feat of unequalled measure” - that of the perfect girlfriend…? (More than ironic don’t ya think?)


Considering he read the Vedas daily do you see any connection between Einstein’s e=mc2 declaration and ancient Vedic knowledge of… ‘Yet there another region of nrg influencing observable matter”?


What does one do when “the pussy don’t work”?


Is “Da Hood” only in your head?


Considering the nipple we’ve been suckling off since birth and lifestyle teachings we’ve adopted as our own, is it then possible to cure ones, who, at mid-life, are addicted to initially taking scientific hypothesis as absolute truth?


If girl meets boy and boy makes sense to girl on spiritual matters… then that’s one lucky girl… right…?


Remind me; How did Canaanites end up in Europe again? - (skip Y/N just msg me)


Regarding orange people currently evolving; so as this is new, is the future orange…?


And if you can’t share these questions prodding constantly from the back of your mind, with your girlfriend, then can she truly be your girlfriend?


After hearing the debate on radio, is anybody allowed to disagree with Kant’s emotional push to morality? And based on inquires into just such things (the nature of reality) in Kushite Tibet, is the European enlightenment, like, at least an iceage or four, late? Or is this some chronological miscalculation of mine… huh?


Does Nick Clegg’s wife really come off as Liberal? (hot or not?)


Seeking revelations from a lover during an argument: at what point does one display acceptance and withdrawal?


What should the contemporary mainstream consider more important: economic development or spiritual development? - (skip Y/N just decide)


Like Lord Buddha and Lord Chaitanya, was Lord Jesus Christ foretold in the Vedas?


Western intelligentsia read so much: now they’re fuckin’ deaf… true or false? - (skip Y/N just decide)


The ancients say they “received” how to build sacred upon sacred from aural reception.  The Veda from an empire uniting Korean and Namibian shorelines (dispute please) says it was first “spoken” by “the first created entity” then memorized and recited by “the father of mankind”, down, pre-writing, through disciplic succession: While also pondering differences between “man” and “humankind” I question if knowledge from non-human entities, descended to man, can therefore be deemed, (as my girl and bregrin love to denounce it as) merely theoretical?


Some theorizing of cultural freshmen (cave OR canopy) cannot be traced via aural decent this way: So is theory by trying to approach absolutes with empirical sieves, (as I love to denounce), have the aroma of the unscientific about it?   


Like Coldplay I forget what I learn; can you please remind me of what spiritual consciousness is? (No…? OK then).


Did Rocky IV bring down the soviet curtain?


Self-manifest: so is this self bound by laws of mass?


After practice, spiritual mystics return from “elsewhere” and make fly claims, therefore my question - like the others - is to well behaved atheists:  What about states, unattainable by mental speculation, states, not acquired by cerebral speculation…?  Because fortuitously,
“Yea what about them?” is the answer that has makes me wanna reach for the zazen cushion grinning!


Is “depends on what you mean by god” a pretty stupid question?


Is the true nature of reality, non-substantial?


Is a relegation battle more exiting than finishing 7th every rahtid season?


Can one desexualize?


Erm… How many “disciplines” do you have please…?


Should José Mourinio really have left Chelsea?


If true love is so hard to find then most carnal unions & marriages aren’t based upon true love…?


The surrendering process:  Does the related paradigm facility peak your - (the readers) - interest somewhat?


Do virtually all tits, only look good in lingerie?


Is this true:  Carbon in atmosphere less than 1%, of that, man’s contribution 11%?


Can u translate “divine force” from your transient view…please? (exactly…now shut the fk up)


Is there something inherently disappointing about success?


Upon reflection, did Mobb Deep help abuse hip-hop…?


Did Fiddy?


Is dat girl from Karate Kid Canadian?


Is Clint Eastwood a republican?


A finite period of life, controlled for tests, with, then, without adoration techniques, practiced by specific great sages who guided Vedic wisdom; each interval, microanalysed intensely on completion for enhanced survival, both in the resulting factual data, or post-trial theorem born of its conclusion, motivated by reported platforms beyond such empirical supposition: could this be considered valid scientific experimentation?


Did Lord Buddha ever read Vedic scriptures?


Yeah, for real, what is a noble lifestyle?

Remembering one's conditioning, lifespan, and the gradual processes, is it impossible for that individual to become “unalloyed”? 


Regarding Him, Hare Complete Whole, manifest and unmanifest; it must include the incomplete, or how could He be Complete… right? - (now lets speak about his personality – joking)


About relativity: Inferior nrg being influenced by vaster, superior nrg, was commented on by saints and sages, b4 the modern scientific discovery?


Now, after establishing the existence of “that which beats animates the body” (the soul) then, what is the nature of that soul…? Is it E=MC2 -or inferior hara – (=Krsna’s inferior Vishnu or expansion of hara)


Although we all engage in demonic activity and micro-abomination somewhat does the following statement apply to even spiritually eldritch:  
                 A supreme person or abode, perceived as the Energizer of NRG by spiritualist, the superstitious, by materialist’s, or even the faithless, appeals to more/higher than aspects mere sensory emotion?


According to metaphysics, what is an existent???


Does the following statement frazzle your intellect realm: 
Big up Krsna, his expansion, his fragments, his paraphernalia, his entourage, his associates, and his devotees - (skip Y/N just decide)





(Bypassing as to why) Does Sure for Women smell better than Sure for Men?


Are John Malcovich & Kevin Spacey chichi? (coz yo… I was utterly distraught by the suggestion)!


I intend to poll the world’s learned population on this one; (such a person pls msg me – the.defisis@gmail.com - with your answer to the following question which I struggle with incessantly):  Is “Love” hard work?


Due to (my) human flaws according to vedic/kemetic teachings - & I suspect this to be true! – the relationship, companionship, friendship, connection my hart is looking for, cannot be found on either: earth, within this dimension, or in this lifetime;
                               That ‘fulfillment sensation everlasting’ that the (my) soulspike yearns for, will remain unavailable, without an austere and protracted purification process… is this true?


Like dharma in karma-yoga, could the emotional pain one receives then be considered divine retribution?


Deal or no deal: who does the hair & make-up? (daym!!)


Referring to the super-power-manipulator-type - (yet another Americanization…? oh well fk it.)  So, I’ve been giving Peter Mandelson political scrutiny and my question is this; In comparison to him with Michael Gove (political apathy personified), can someone pls tell me why this dude is on the centre-left of the political spectrum at all yo…?

The following 4 questions were born of Melatonin Magic:


Is the salvation of those currently around me, even my business?


Does the observer change the properties of the observed?


Does time exists outside Orion’s Belt?


Is the western world spiritually sterile? 


Are their “yogaforms” apparent in Sufi Islam?


Can you breathe until rhythm is perfectly established?

Do you know anyone who can?

Have you ever even heard of anyone who can do that?


How can the most beautiful (Beyonce…fresh from the gym) appear so vacant and devoid of substance during talks and interviews?


Compared to the rest, why do Conservatives have such a lax attitude towards Turkey joining the EU? - Bet it has something to do with the colonial era – (but, Germany & France who were inna dat colonizing shit also, and who were architects of the union, are stonewalling Turkey like they still have Punic warscarz)


Was Dr Kelly ‘Liquidated’?


Do you ever think about the fibers connected to your cartilage? – (which in turn connect all joints?)


Is corporate business undarmic therefore demonic activity?


Can differences between motivated passion and compassion be highlighted?


If I am hiphop and passion for rap has died, then, will hiphop itself die within me? 


What species facilitates humanities “God projection” (seemingly from time immemorial)?


Are the only differences between me and upper degree masons merely comfort levels?

And regarding such comfort levels: After pranayama how comfortable r u? 


Have you seen the make-up on that brunette from Smallville? - (but I still smell nosejob)


Regarding gangsters who I came up with in Birmingham, especially those on the “otherside”: What happened to all those stripes in the fastlane?


How much does the new Peckham rapper ‘Giggs’ love hiphop?


Mass amnesia regarding secrets of withdrawn or destroyed scrolls: Then why was I not told the most important stuff? – (Pure chance… I mean I almost never read it!)


Is the reason why processed occult data spooks the organic cpu because so few others have the data?


Does the duality of fortune/misfortune batter all earthbound resistance into shape?


Are those in acquisition of spiritual intel forced to take deathbed appraisals early? 


Bypassing Venus and Mars: Are men from Planet Lover’s Tiff and women from Planet Exasperating Conversation?


Looking back on your own assumed transition from apprentice to master; can u remember the day you found out the extent of ‘global’ contribution to ‘western’ civilization?


Who of the millennium masters out there can accurately predict, exploit, or expect, the next general awakening?


Who’s better, Spurs or Villa? – (we’ll see next fixture ennit!)


What does the world suicide-rate league table look like? Where is Canada, Ghana, Cuba, N. Korea, or even Iraq?


This is a Jedi Mind Tricks (so-called whiteboy) quote: Get me outa here I’d rather stay in Iran: Coming from an Italian named Vicenzo it made me giggle but do you share this view?


Living in the west surrounded by luxury goods - superiority? – and testimonies of eastern defectors, knowing they’ll never be heard through mainstream media, what could the reasons be for a grassroot phenomenon in Russia and other places I’ll entitle… “A call for the return of flawed communism…?” What could they be possibly saying?


While all consciously participating in unethical, frankly loony lifestyles, do you only like people who think like you… play by your rules… observe – for the most part – an almost identical compass, of invisible virtue?


But have you ever come across, or, could such a “person” be named?


Could likelihood of meeting such scattered amounts of people even be possible, given conditioning to our unvirtuous age of multi billions?


Just saw American another import Privileged on TV, two years late, with the sound down: Fresh faces, new crop of distracting talent and all that jazzfunk.  So here is the overview question: Generally speaking do ‘It Girls’ peak too early? - A charge I’ve heard floating around is ‘youth obsession’ but maybe it’s always been like this? Or maybe it’s a backlash to elders always having the limelight back in the day?


B4 the population explosion there was less people right?, more space, more occasional virtuous men? So the question is, have you ever seen a
Wiseman in your lifetime, and not just with the physical eye, but the finer senses… the Sufi senses, like mentioned in the Koran for example:


What do you call a million rabbits walking backwards?


Distant descendants of Moses said they “struck him until none were left… taking 60 cities… we utterly destroyed them!” and in Job these same Distant descendants of Moses said “they utterly destroyed this ‘ite’& that ‘ite’, and living in their land, possessing their property,
“We left nothing remaining but the cattle… Is that genocide…? Sounds like genocide to me?


So if you’re prone to both self-pity and intellectual challenge, knowing deliverance by “that not bound by creation-law”, is beyond intellect and only obtainable by submission, then, as the western mind always assumes then tags everything, is it fair to assume, that, a Whitecoats clinical diagnosis alone, will not suffice?


What is the purpose of secular teachings?


And what is the purpose of religion?


It’s been said either the spiritual opposing bench of the house don’t know what the fuck they’re talking bout, or, they do know what they’re talking bout… and they’re sponsoring all this shit on fuckin’ purpose! – With only these two choices which one would you pick?


Why are they rich and why are we poor?


When do you know when “ENOUGH” is…?


So what really is the aim of one’s material existence…? - (skip Y/N just decide)


This question here, is an example of intellect hardware of the organic super-cpu saying “bounce”, to the somewhat impressive secular teachings of “remain, consider your bloodline, devise more resource-exploitation”:
                   No one within the political borders of england/britan/time (measured), according unanimous reality, is nonexistent, but, based on transcendental expert testimonials from time immemorial, documented pre symbolic glyph-writings of ‘semi-divine beings’ on wood, and stone tablets – (and from practical experience I suggest, the opposite to be more likely the case regarding all three!) - Then doesn’t observing, or, adhering to this said apparent untruth – (a condition of contemporary acceptance; an imposition furthermore) – distort the complete picture?, causing discomfort in a remote sense…?


Doesn’t the discovery of a 2m yr old African axe indicate, that our history-markers of: 5.000(greece), 20.000(caucus caves), 40.000(ab-originals), 200-400.000(so-called proto-humans), are inadmissible in the court of intuition?   


Just watched Michael Clayton again – top 30 material –: So if you’re a dirty lawbreif and your bro’s a dirty cop, does that in itself clean the dirt?


Which desperate housewife works out hardest? (I reckon the one who was in Frasier)


Does man have faculties which are presently, in dormant states?


Can you as an individual comprehend how organized “Organized Crime” now is?


To defeat a demon one must laugh in its face: is this for real?


Yes!!! I knew this omnified theory between these two cultures would come: Considering the great lakes of India and the only one to touch the equator (Ugandan Nile) in mid-remote antiquity constituted one empire, do you see a link between Funery-Duat and Vedanta, concerning life’s activity, measurement by demigods, and promotion/demotion?


As a young child me and my momz prayed nightly; does 5 times a day impress you?


I just read in a Throwsheet (ahem I mean Freesheet) that… “8 out of 10 humans have no intellectual curiosity” ???  


If one couldn’t handle THAT relationship without sedation? Would then be enough?


Leonardo didn’t go to art school… or did he?


Did Joseph Pilates meditate?


If 5 people (races) enter a room (planet) over the course of a day, how can a historian receive testament from the last in the room about earlier activities in that room, not least the whole day?


Surrounded by all this, does the next man’s renunciation fascinate ya?


Was it uncomfortable to watch 8mile because it (more or less) replicated your “broke rapper life”?


Speaking of Shady; he had the world listening; Delivery and execution aside do you like what he ultimately said?  


Remember when a mere quarter zoot would make u giggle; what changed?


Before fluoridization was there “pineal calcification”?


Did Biggie go to the pen before he blew?


Do (so-called) pygmies and Aboriginals know the difference between romantic attachment and sexual desire?


Speaking of attachment within holistic theory: if everyone operates on a “program”, then, who programmed you?


Were we ALL raised incorrectly, including our programmers?


Did pre-“classical” cultures from clement zones suffer negative byproducts of civilization that we in the contemporary west detect as rotting modern society?


Didn’t Iago’s activities with Othello (and Machiavelli’s to the Venetian prince) epitomise demonic activity?


Is “enough” when you owe drug-dealing gunmen money?


Do you remember when people used to say “Hardcore Rap” - so where’d it go?


Freewill...Mmm...What should one do with it?


Whats the difference between depression and “total disillusionment” found in Buddhist philosophy?


Or for that matter, (b4 existential dilemmas turn u into a nervous wreck...) the actual difference between modern counselling and catholic confession?


So there is a spectrum...and there are, therefore, opposing forces?


Have you been waiting all your life for a moment, or have you had that moment?


Does the phrase” national interest” remind you of what nationality you’re NOT?


You’re favourite thinker from the wilderness (ecologically speaking) sounds a bit like a Taoist?


 Is there anything a god wouldn’t do in the name of science?


Is institution-sanctioned metaphysics devoid of anything?


Besides philosophy have you considered German contributions (to like...the space race, atomic race etc) and its apparent downplaying?


Since its colonial heyday can the British navy now be called over?


Afther reading of Tibetan Abyssinians, who then, brought “0” and kemetic & mantra yoga to India?


Just saw Die Hard again: Can a 6.6” MF have small feet (or dillz?)


Freepress vs The Nation Secrets act…wassup…straight contradiction?


Excluding rap/entertainment/fashion/drugs of course, in which industry can one snatch the plate without muscle?


Are my children dutybound to screen research docs pertaining to consciousness layers beyond the reach of human contemplation (i.e. Turiya)?


I was just playing some Bob Marley: everyone does their best work earlier on?


In yard do man fuck man in jail?


Do some parliament members have bricks in the street?


Has Zone1 corperate society given you a phobia of cellulite?


Therefore can I enter OCD-BMI as a new disorder?


Does city life often stress you out?


And is God gay?


Do you like Charlize Theron’s politics?


This maybe unavailable, but, have you ever contemplated nothingness?


Jenifer Connelly… or… Tilda Swinton? (film choice sophistication…oh of course)


If you’re on some “Fuck white people generally & fuck the police specifically” then would you be up for hacking all crackers to death Rwanda-style?

 Hmm, how many sufrajets wore blackshirts?

What percentage of 20th century historical hypotheses have been dropped or amended this millennium?


So after considering unimaginable deceptive power of orthodox classically educated intellectual opposition, issuing books through institutions and (alleged) shadow-funded academics, reviewed by parallel endorsed peers by degrees of profession connected to ancient client-based societies, and then I as enquirer, confessing to an elevation of archeology, would ask: if Vedic/religious/scientific i.e. “reality” or “explanation” can obviously therefore be received, reversed, manipulated or suggested, even opposed etc, then, can you unify submitted amalgam realities of Dawkins, Darwin, Hawkins, with Vishnu or Akira (regulating the principle, eternally correcting errors, notwithstanding playing his part as Krsna and other descending personalities)? My question arises from the identified disputable proposal that the intellectually uncurious peasantry on mass, have been tricked before (i.e. Moorish presence in Christendom, every Greek opulence copied from unspecified eastern root-empires, Victorian pseudo-scientific mandates for expansion, and all other general black propaganda uncovered from relatively recent spikes in history - each exploitative truth intended to have settled in the younger, more empty mind, one under the label classical education from esteemed orthodox foundations).  
Was causality caused?

Friday, 21 January 2011

I’m sure as a disillusioned teenager Tibet will wonder ‘Why’?

I’m sure as a disillusioned teenager Tibet will wonder ‘Why’?  I will document today, and say to her if tomorrow comes, that ‘we in the world are driven by passion, with only a few exceptions’.  This is what I want my daughter to know, and when old herself, maybe learn (in India) to harness.

I heard a female Kenyan writer once say of her semi-literate-but-ignorant extended circle, “You wanna keep it a secret? Then write it in a book”!  I too feel I shouldn’t go back to my childhood world of friends where they insinuate “reading is for snobs”, neither can I number how many words I’ve written since leaving school as I remember having written whilst there, practically nothing.    

So-called personal life crystallized then published on vinyl video and CD, allowed me as author (for 20 pages) to resurrect rose-tinted dormant friendships of typical unemployable druid and black males with drug convictions, semi-autobiographically embellished for entertainment purposes;  As you may detect, it’s complicated, but I had to include it, because those 20 pages + publication = micro-vengeance! 
  While friends took soccer scholarships, or sketched, I wrote crude street poetry.  Indeed, I always stayed with a pen, and the politically conscious sect of Hip-hop educated, then galvanized me at a time when the Berlin wall was still up and Mandela was still in jail!  I’m no newcomer to the ways of lyrical mic-attitude and cynicism, but am, alas, poorly educated, yet simultaneously the most miseducated person I know (welcome to my knucklehead swimming pool). 

Evolving almost into another language which even small-town kids now understand, I gradually immersed myself in “rap life” way back in the innocent breakdancing days of 84', thus became unwittingly Americanized.  Ironically, unable to leave it out of my works I moved to London in 96' and played my tiny part in the Jamacianizing of the UK rap community, while the genre was changing more and more to complex and descriptive lamentations on movie-influenced drug sales and strip bars, which I too wrongly wrote about in order to stay relevant in this, the second widest of political platforms.  Foolishly I took up the image which won’t completely wash off, then, unfortunately, felt obliged to live out for credibility’s sake.  I guess an apex experience worthy of note was UK Eminem and Outkast support and a Europewide tour with British peers where politicization and recklessness made for some intensely gruelling work. 

Apparently, every rapper’s run has those crucial retrospective “enemies close, competition even closer” moments, and though on a very small scale mine was no different.  The continual failure of the anti-gangster, UK urban rap artist to really crossover into the European mainstream, subcontinent and Fareast, after twenty years of trying, hasn't become a large enough issue yet.  Poor organization from those basement studio's…? Or, unlike in the US, corporate fear of affiliation and lack of popular big name sponsors…? Maybe its hip-hop's being publicly perceived as an American export while actually having its birthplace in Jamaica? Who knows, but I certainly did try for a platinum plaque or two.  Released on many Indie labels I either worked with, or was endorsed by the best of UK, Germany, France and Belgium, but all relatively nameless artists the biggest in Britain selling only 64,000 Europewide. 

I went hard for the art, harder than my band members, Quadrapheinia style, all the way and painfully for little or no gain, only to wind up still owing the state years of cheques which in my opinion must be paid back before any real peace treaty with the odorous underbelly - Or does the state owe me…? - This is one of the reoccurring conundrums I try to suppress in all my creations.  But like all classes of living entities from bacterium to pious men (devotees being exempt because of purifying activities) I, like them, have what could be best described as, hurdles, a passion to satisfy a sense of false-prestige being but one!  Yet these tales of material entanglements in the passion-world aren’t at the highest brow of global artistic submissions, actually, my own inquiries into one’s true life-mission is also irrepressible even to the possible detriment of this, my fruitive work. 

Regarding the character Adam; his attitude to Seattle and their small son Othellenius revealed an opportunity to explore the eventual miss-match of many unlucky couples engaged, then married.  The personal 07’ dismantling of my own five year relationship enabled me to document then include such mellow dramatic, quantum, negative and positive side effects of passion probably unacceptable to Supreme Complete. 

But if there are two things I learned from that sub-mediocre decade wasted on the skeletal European rap circuit, it’s that 1: the specialist or generalist - or put another way, the commercial and fringes - both have valid reasons to exist and consume works of art/fart.  And 2: Fame, then over-exposure without proper infrastructure, would be bad for the health of one whose palate is ever-changing. 

Writing multiple volumes worth of thinking-man’s-rap has been my only addiction (bar eating flesh etc.) and now due to growth the cap has become a tight fit - addiction being defined as having an adverse affect on one’s life, a daily struggle to quit because of global prevalence, and its clouding of outlook and over-scope.  But from the correct view, something like safe drinking water for the thirsty is more important than any impotent frustration-inducing hurdles of mine warped in this Shadowless story. 

“One, extended infinite moment outside England to omnify studied works and serve the Archytec by cultivating boundless compassion, even toward forces perceived as trying to re-enslave us”.  That's the dream me and an old friend (95'RIP) order be maintained until the final whistle.



     Yours… ensnared but still kicking - reporting live from the under-order                                       
                  (where zagginz need but never get holidays)



Caution:  Any person to geenlight writings for publication is assumed to have no idea regarding the molten centre-core of our streetculture language submitted here, never static and in constant flux.

Virgin to the humour of my exploitable counter

Being a virgin to the humour of my exploitable counter-culture now gone mainstream, it’s in the unorthodox word choice, double barrelled, the second slug hitting the targeted reader as cynically ironic.  I maintain if written well enough any book-lover can plunge their sense organs into this hip-hop worldview of ours.  But right now, only remotely excited in humble wonder, I imagine what any potential publisher request be taken out, or expanded on, considering my agonizing over which portion of pages to submit.  So then, with the finish line in sight this possibility will be pre-empted.*

Somehow I've stayed close to a pen all through my misguided life, written chunky words, incalculable, in barren places, sometimes with nothing more than lonely pens and junk mail around, that's how this book was originally started, later, it took on a potential of its own.  Now with young daughter in mind, I've (in micro-chapter format) structured it into a ten year snapshot of the event-cluttered pathway of life for a handful of self-created passion-fuelled infatuation junkies - but the language of nature, mathematics, states that this path is predetermined? (Hmm)
Ugly Betty-laughing-to-the-gallows, Trading Places meets Bridget Jones meets Michael Clayton-style intro to corporate scandal with a case for theism, also depicting outwardly perceived dress down culture in some parts, I attempted to make my story first pick up on such common backdrops, only because stars in those kind of flicks were paid to serve a corp, of some sort, that is how they identified themselves.  But then, as I learned of and pondered the ever-more subtle duality fabric of things, including inferior/superior service, I forced these individuals to edge out a different way, culminating in rejection by firstly Omni (in an overseas fling with workmate Neon cut short by tragedy) but unlike other characters like vixen Vienna Vikingson, second to be rejected was the quest for that mighty “decapitated head” altogether, making this story desirable to many one would hope, but such tales of renunciation - thus the book genre - a mere fantasy?

Character Omni's first incident occurs via motorcycle (attacked by old Greek woman from the dry cleaners driving a Merc).  He goes to Harbourton, then to Metroaux to lick wounds and contemplate from his perspective, the future.  He's looked after by family and a select band of old friends all surprised to see him back, which in itself causes complications.  He must inwardly draw the anchor from the past in order to return south to Zone1 and continue marching - a wrongly-identified self-destruction if you will - but presently reacquainted back on that old canal hangout, his gang conduct juvenile affairs out of sheer ignorance and poor fund of knowledge, activities which Omni closes the curtain on after a specific incident where he (in the canal incident) still in a wheelchair with his friend pushing him, nearly drown sending him back to hospital, albeit briefly.

But first...

I open with 4 pages of Neon's assassination which was originally on P150+.  Only then do I unfold Omni's traffic accident in the political square mile and subsequent hospitalization.  There, on the ward, he’s slowly befriended by Nurse Seattle (who later leaves fiancé Adam, moves to Zone1 to stay with Evelyn in Hoeswater, joining the Temple of Ugly Girls!) and young radiographer Nivya.  He discharges himself (against Niv and Seattle's advice), taken by friend Mr Ebu Sanchoz to Harbourton (a coastal town near Satelliteton where Seattle lives); Wounds weeping she agrees cross professional/marriage lines to visit him. 

After Christmas in that fishing village, meeting beautiful character Ms Broadsheet (boho Bee) for one night only, a university chum of friends wife, he's then taken from Harbourton by that scroll-stashing hombre Mr Prime, wife Ujayi, and young godlings, northward, to Metroaux, where as mentioned he promptly falls in the canal (along with wheelchair and one of his drunk friends). 
Recovering with “radical” extended family up there, and from chair to crutches now, he decides to return to SE1 where new friend, radiographer Nivya, moves in upstairs at the going rates.  Weeks after, he's introduced to her big bro Nick at a bar.  Here he sees Neon (Niv's best friend) for the first time over at the afterwork drinks table.  And also this is where Omni is invited to Studentown for the day, by Nick (tipsy) and his wife Vienna (working late), incidentally offered a job at Gammatec, a division of Shadowless (which is what Nivya hoped would happen). 

Years-in and settled at Shadowless Towers (in Immortal Approachville), an oversees convention fling in Mumbai continues back home with by now, workmate Neon.  Great times in the Triangular Kilometres (“in the city”) are had when she, Niv, Omni and Quetzal (Neon and Niv's old school flame back in the country) have some hilarious happenings – one in particular (heavily described and true!) while leaving the cinema heading to their now shared flat.

But as mentioned Neon dies tragically and Vienna gets framed for her hit-and-run, after spending a night on the glitzy, penthouse echelon-lifestyle of inconceivably rich sexual conquistador, Shadowless/Gammatec overboss Mr Aum B. Rella.  Impressed by contract terms she's lured in after “detection and referral” by Shadowless drone scouts tracking her months earlier, watching her secure diversion funds from D-dorf company HQ, into new twig on the Tri Kilo tree, 731 Filter Systems - Over time, work rivalry causes heavily-documented rifts between her and Nick.  Vienna's transfer offer happens previous to being profiled for vixen-like qualities deemed appropriate for Mr Rella's side project.  Her calamity is poetic, expecting to be headhunted to one of his many tentacle-like subnanotech Shadowless industries, but instead framed only to acquire 731 Filter. 

The office politics I've created from P100+ (hopefully) simmers with what I can only describe as ‘intersexual feudal comedy’ where at 731, Vienna wants to, but cant sack office gossip Mary Quadra – receptionist and leader of the ‘watercooler gizzardheads’. 

In time 731 grows, and mid-story also, suspicious of infidelity Nick follows Vienna, just minuets behind, into Gammatec's poorly-lit car park (Neon's murder scene).  Thus forward Vienna's framed by Mr Rella's dirty-but-Shadowless hands in court and as a partial witness, Nick is summoned for cross examination along with Vee. 

Way before my chapter of Omni's experiencing of 911, and many months previous to Neon's murder, or Vee's capture and trial, while heading home Nick ponders his current situation, sitting outside the Herbal Cafeterium in W1: possible kids with not so keen Vee, and his inside trading with closest law-bending colleague Lanky Peter (the vaguely better looking twin), while protecting his new young protège Omni. 


One fine shopping day on the Southbank with Evelyn (typical grown out peroxide sunhat & summerdress – you know, that off duty TV exec look) - after leaving Adam (all-english sports lout with corresponding old-school opinions) Seattle bumps into temple leader Mother Laureate and sistren (Abigail, Volga and co) and subsequently joins them.  Now enjoying new life with new support group she calls Omni up, who explains the death of his ex-girl Neon.  Of course she's shocked.  They meet, talk, and the spark is reignited.  Together again, she explains her temples “beautifully ugly” philosophy, and at the weekly Covenant Gardens canvassing event Omni requests to speak to Mother Laureate sometime soon, wanting to know what's up with the “ugly girls” title.  Unbeknown to him, she “knew Omniversal would come”.  So, he joins, they alter the temple name - from ugly girls to “ugly people” - and (I think) spiritual thirst on the way to being fed through purifying activities and good association, Seattle and Omni live happily ever after?

Nick is long-estranged from Vienna by this point (remanded at Magicwands Woman's and shipped out after her life sentence). 

And post this juncture...

One night after work Nick and Omni eye-up the same jacket.  The following weekend Nick walks over to WC2 to get it first.  Feet rubbing, he gets a tube back home where he witnesses what looks like a lovers tiff.  Here, leaving the station, he bumps into older woman Janet when she (in a break-up similar to his and Vee's) intercepts a text and follows hubby onto a tube catching him with “the other woman”.  As the drama ensues she throws her wedding band at them, in front of the Bluecoats who turn up.  She holds a sit down protest until she's thrown off at Blood Diamond St Station, coincidentally the same stop as Nick!  Janet, mature but hot, (secondary headmistress and part time creative poetry teacher at night school from Cornershire) is distraught, stranded without purse or keys.  So as Nick steps out of the station, he notices her, and just has to inquire “Are you OK”? Still bewildered, she nearly feints.  He invites-then-escorts her to his swanky apartment complex above Blood Diamond where, while recovering, she uses his phone to call daughter Mischa (who takes ages to reach Zone1 but long enough for something elegantly sensual, regardless of age, to happen).  Hours later, escorted to the car, as a thank you for the hospitality including meal, Janet offers to cook dinner sometime.  'You have my number gimme a call, right now you got bigger fish to fry!' Says Nick, raised eyebrows, only half-joking, transmitted through his mini-smile, daughter Mischa looking puzzled by inappropriately long stares as they both drive off...

In later chapters, with Nick and Janet having such similar experiences, I think they lean on each other and (deserve to) live happily ever after? 

Transmutation, change, if detected, will be the layer-theme, like growing pains, well-detailed alongside all of my character's personal natures.  Omniversal is presently the most developed role but catching up rapidly, Seattle, Nick, Vienna, Neon, Lanky Peter or Nivya could be explored for the central role at any stage.

Because of its millennium chick-lit outlook therefore, characters intend to read as sleek, modern, all well, or even over-groomed (those on the snobby-income side of town anyway), with a texturizing sub-story of much deeper and urgent spiritual hankerings which all characters because of misconception, have no immunity from, most dramatically for of course, our highly driven Vienna, probably the most power-crazed character who refuses follow disenchanted Nick into parenthood, causing that seismic shift in their marriage – This blowout is previous to her final infidelity, with wicked but hard-bodied, Mr Rella. 

All characters effected by the structural pillars of this tale (but mainly Seattle and Omni) have a mental foot placed in two influencing worlds, material and spiritual.         

So in summary...

Upon discharging, going south, then north, then returning to his Zone1 flat in SE1, Omni goes with now flatmate (beautifully-transformed ex-teengoth Nivya from Radiography) for a drink, is introduced to big bro Nick, who digs Omni's energy and fudges paperwork securing Omni's first ever declarable job under the wing of Nick at their Majestic-yet-eerie place of employment dominating the Zone1 skyline. 

Shadowless Towers with its multifarious activities, is in Immortal Approachville, a dense district in the finance-based Tri-Kilo area, in east Zone1, (intentionally avoiding the word London or B'ham in the whole manuscript because I'm originally a Brummie!!) 


           To quote myself “The kernel flowed but the rest was agony”.



* Former rap-pugilist, so I speak slang, even to my momz, therefore the spellcheck was overruled a lot, or it just would’nt’ve sounded like me!  Only hope my letterplay isn’t intolerable to classically trained or extensively read, whose teachings on behalf of the hood-intelligentsia I cautiously dare to counter.