Friday, 21 January 2011

"Keep It Real" was first said by a whiteboy…!

Out the woodwork with this skit in 04’on DEFISIS EATS HIS WORDS

Because some whiteboy rapper’s from the “Otherside” of London called Shadowless racist!

But keep it real was first said by a whiteboy…! Everlast of House of Pain wid Flavour Unit! Now he was from LI (longisland) NYC. Ice T brought him amongst “Westcaost Zulu Nation” aka Rhyme Syndicate; he was originally a model;

Don’t get it twisted; Mobbdeep made reconceptualized “The Realness” but didn’t invent in “The Real”.  It’s a concept-tradition-era that I rep (92-96), keeping me at odds with “Goofy” or “Joking” raps.  Its funny coz certain unnamed N.London whiteboy rappers, Shadowlerss clashed with at the turn of the millennium, we actually shared the same “hood agony”, lyrically they had ‘bleak seriousness’ that I for one dug (maybe I should name the crew?)

I went even deeper into the “serious rap”… straight darkside…!  

So now it’s like, play any of that “Fun” “Joking rap” against mine for categories like “extremism” and no bullabread, I’ll deconstruct a rivals music blood!; when it comes to “Extreme Rap” I’ll devour & destroy pencilneck rappers whom I concede, have “very good rap stats”, but u cant fuck wit my rap stats, by dint of being “able to say what I say”.

So I’m caught on camera saying “I project and reflect “Extreme Rap” & lyrically insinuating how “your favorite rapper makes either “dum-nigguh rap” or “skateboard rap”…it’s because… I know what the fuck I’m talking about, & until maturity obviously a “young youtz” DON’T! (c’mon…ami right or am I right?)

My point is sharp and aimed at rappers with words in the English language currently unavailable to them? (n word)

Fall back… be easy… & peep extremity rap
That’s the movement I endorse…
gwan go ask Buju… & Capelton… wid yur fuckin generic raps nuggu fuk dat!

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