Friday, 21 January 2011

Movies alas do not impress me: the theoretical ramifications do!

A case claim: The movie ‘Inception’ mirrors prehistoric Vedanta/Kemetic philosophy

1: a microscopic fractional consciousness influenced by a vaster substratum of activity outside of rationale, physics, or experimental tools within modern-mans institutional reach.

2: a microscopic fraction of material activity within an influencing vaster non-matter domain, with as yet unknown govintel dynamics - hereby avoiding semantics - innerstood and tagged (due possibly to pineal-glandular excretions of melatonin) as ‘spirit’ in the Sanskrit book entitled “The Book of Ultimate Knowledge”, evidently provable via simple research, to have been professed by ancient nexus practitioners of sky-ground tecs and apps studying bodies of documented colossal precessions and astro-alignments, part of one apparent amalgamtheory pertaining to unobservable superior foundations “elsewhere”; the source of such visible renewal and essence of matter itself, facilitated by a regulative “impregnator” of creation which was deduced or “received” or “descended” (via non-human administrative  consciousness down multiple iceages along disciplic avatar systems), as resonance, or omni-oscilation-stabilism of matterbound elemental fragments, such ‘vibes’ elevated and deified as the sacred syllable AUM or OM, as yet indisprovable, only reinforced and confirmed by practitioners of the modern-empirical-yogic-nexus (jnana-yoga) who’s endeavours restricted to the boundaries of only observable, therefore physically-admissible matter, refusing to even theorise on general relativity being governed/influenced by vaster special relativity: another confirmation of prehistoric testament allowing for my concluding point:

3. humanities current direction is not  progression, and is - when measured against quantum-leap-docs in the (translated) “book of ultimate knowledge” - in fact regression, and the superior modus operandi for mankind’s intelligentsia (bar - possibly - the melatonin deficient) remains inner-empiricism of the conscious entity, only available by seditative/meditative states firstly requiring stillness then favourable/controlled conditions.


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