Friday, 21 January 2011

Funny that

Its funny how a little “rap beef” can make rapper’s reach even further than before with they’re lyricisms, and some, under such pressure, even dare to switch fanbases!

Take case 1… Joe Budden:  He was in Harlem when Immortal Technique was dissin’ hard; Now only an inside analyst would be able to work out to whom some of that vol.2 album was pointing…
  And take the whole him being raised in Queens connection: 
                                                           Years after Abstract Poetic got his flow (and drum patterns) juxed be Mobb Deep, Prodigy got incensed by the propinquity of the Mood Musik mixtapes to his own Murda Musik LP;
                   Thus accordingly outraged, he then went on a blog campaign claiming high treason against those (at the time) new hip-hop title holders (QB)? 
     All this only motivated Joey; but only after close introspection, therefore as a karma-matrix consequence, he came with the bravest attempt by any rapper to attack their own obstructive falseego, to levels only miserable whiteboys with guitars have well-renowned monopolies over! (Tool… Coldplay: - From planet hip-hop it looks like the same world - Planet Rock).

Same thing happened with M. Mathers/N. Jones/G. Williams/S. Carter etc… but it even happens to grassroot rappers like myself.
Sponsoring someone to wack a rapper a first helped, then hindered hip-hop, cah when soundclash manz dem were rinsing-out next manz mudda, coming out wid “Gwan gu suck-out u mumma souwah punny”! and all dem tings deh, yes indeed, shots did-a fly, but only at the roof! No one was getting murcked off the motherfuckin’ set:

It happens on the corperate planet, football planet, you name it; politics & crabshit no doubt bubbles pan-industry, but, its something to do with the media, mixed with that old “off the street”, gladiatorial atmosphere, that unfortunately endows rappers with the biggest of all ego’s!!! (bang bang)

Via market forces, or, relativity-attraction axioms, rappers (be they battle MC’s or not) and early rap fans alike, should know that when exploitation labels, distributors - wanna-be moguls behind them - (Indie label geeks included) - have nothing to play for (coz now fans are more savvy) then, all such “rap beef” usually settles.

So thus the principle seems to be restored:

I am the authority pon dis pussyclaaht, so I humbly suggest one does like moi…

Which is…                       

Get dissed…? Get prolific pon dem ras…!

(Pt2 commingsoon)    

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