Friday, 21 January 2011

As I get older

As I get older stoned girls – (any drug and alcohol really but we’ll stick to weed) – seem to look kinda off-key.  Sometimes I think chavs are exempt…sometimes I don’t.

 Rather than gunning hard I’ll try not to swing random and instead pull punches. 

I wonder if you the blogreader can - with the 3rd eye - see this:

One night I was talking with friends with girlfriends in the room and as time progressed, the entertainment modified itself to a more sexual modality.  What came out all of this was an opinion which form the basis of my blog.


Five London heartbeats later… 

Morning came; time for ***’s to leave (and kicking these ***s out was an effort in itself considering they contribute nothing…).  Because everyone was either staggering or floating around chinky-eyed it was a perfect sentence for me to make the following conclusion. 

Intoxicated girls with red eyes like some back-a-yard dreadlocks… look deep yo! 

Actually I think the more well-groomed, the more silly it looks, therefore a classy babe can lose the title and get downgraded to dickhead. 

It was cool when I was young: we all indulged; lounge about; starved the feasted like it was a ritual.  But now I don’t think I agree.

 I wander at what point does a trend stop being trendy?

When too many people do it?

Or when too much time has elapsed?

At this point I’d like to bring to your attention the image of the lanky model holding a can of Stella. 

Slender bottle with straw ? (Just about… in a techno club?) 

Maybe the classic flute of a sparkling rose?

Gin and tonic with a slice of lemon seems popular with the type who can afford it, as long as it’s held and cradled properly. 

But I’m sure you’d agree, that, after 20 of them, no matter how much the more desirable woman would try not to, her hearing would be gone, and most certainly look like a compete buttwad!!!

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