Friday, 21 January 2011

Find a secluded place and serve god

Yes, begin gradual a process (and probably speed it up) in a better climate.  My vision is mine and no-one else's, that's what I left for, so don't forget that as the first principle!  Nobody can “tell me where I'm going and how to get there”.  $20,000 will mushroom in a banana republic and the word Africa does not fill me with fear, nor does the word eastern Europe for that matter.  I'm yet to meet a person (bar Gamma and Xeno) with a broader perspective.  My heart yearns to kill time near a breezy coast so much, that I feel sick, and that's when Mr Oblivion appears on the horizon behind me, placing bets on my failure.

4 or 5 years of oxwork should do the trick and by the way, fuck instant gratification! I know, I tested, it doesn't work, so try this work in courage, faith and in inspiration of the dream resurrected and maintained.  There, my chances of becoming god conscious are increased with favourable conditions. 
  To get on to the transcendental plane is my only obligation on this planet, all other obligations, namely, offspring, wife, community, society, nation etc, is maya (the hard struggle for existence) and illusion born of too much attachment to matter therefore becoming entangled inna de bulla bread.  So you know where to place your affections, don't mis-place them again!
  I have isolated therefore now I recognize my harts deepest desire, its deepest hankering, I suffer when I neglect this, or over-attach to something else and lose sight of this.  No one else can cultivate these karmic desires for me, not even Ms Euphemism or Tet, the only two things I place importance upon in this chaotic, sensory-unbridled world which I know through practical experience, the inhabitants are handing their freewill over to harvesters because it makes sense to them.  Well, I know what makes sense to me, and the documentation of this is merely mundane repetition on my part.  
  And remembering the few to whom my goodwill is reciprocated; I can not cultivate boundless compassion with overloaded sense organs being bombarded in this way, so therefore... do the thing; need I write more? Ask Why? You know why you’re doing this nigguh! 
  Rap is not my trade no longer, its over as any form of professional career, its not my caste or duty any more, the legacy will remain, and it took me far, right to the edge, my imagination did the rest.  I have my sports injuries in that regard so just admit that I'm out of the tiny UK hip hop game where 500.000 fans do not exist (ask big bruva's).  Luckily the drugs and drink never ravaged me, plus, I know people who are lifetime sober-totalers and are just as fucked up as me so count those blessings, and look how the drama inspired me now. 
  I got to my proclamation late nearly at 33, but I made it nigguh, I'm here, with scarz, dazed and confused but here seeing patterns in the confusion.  I have muscles… use them.  Plus I've been fortunate enough to discover the mostly hidden techniques from the great earthbound souls, so USE THEM!!!  That way I can exploit days, apportion and attack time better (like a mature adult should when implementing plans).  I house one of the most complex organic super computer around… USE IT BETTER!!!  Water rushed through at uncomfortable but tolerable speeds enhances performance, quality calories nourish all physical systems regardless of what the sense organ known as my tongue, or the ignorant who deep down know too well, may say.  With correct rest and vigilance towards a maintained practice I can push myself each morning through prep-work, to do brainless oxwork without fainting from irritation or boredom.

This plan of mine is the difference between surrender and achievement in the above regard, and is now documented to remind me of the reason for creating and sticking to the plan. 
  This document will be my inspiration and mantra especially when weak, probably though tiredness born of childish neglect, in turn born of temporary ignorance of which every living being is susceptible, born of attachment to maya (general bulla bread), leaving me feeling negative. 
  But yo! recognize the power held within 3mins of pranayama, unlike practically everyone else.  This can increase physical leverage.  You know the effects of pre-historic techniques upon all physical systems of any carbon-based-born entity so...therefore, do it when resentment or tiredness, blame and loss of perspective falls to negative emotions, no matter how remote or dim they may appear, keep them far away on the GET THE FUCK UP and remember what spirit this emancipation proclamation was written in NOW GET THE FUCK UP...WHY? YOU STILL ASKING WHY YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER>>>>YOUR GETTING UP NOW BECAUSE OF THE PLAN...THE REASON.  Up nigguh, the time is upon you, like euphemism says failure is not an option (but I ain’t scared to fail).

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