Friday, 21 January 2011

Nietzsche: qualified to reap the next student’s sense of reasoning?

Neglecting disiplic authority bewildered philosophers who I have an innate empathy for, predict, then distrust such prediction, based on their apparent disposition to understand the propulsion of chaos, yet while one can only hope patterns in the flux are factored, contemporary thinkers build on the same platform which the originator himself, due to the human condition, recoils from, which is the prediction: that mankind will evolve out of abstract duality including religious purpose.  I question if this is the elevated concept of western civilization? 

After measurement, the propelling questions of these great western philosophers, although originally aimed at the Vatican and other post-medieval power structures, then hijacked by 18th and 19th century propagandists, will - via spiritually sterile middle-class endorsement of the remote future - represent unanimous reality within the whole western hemisphere soon enough and now, here, subject to gradation, by chiefly, intuition. 

I hereby identify the bewildered philosopher - under omniversal stringent law - as suffering the same ‘ancient data lobotomy’ of which I myself complain, although, by luck pre-determined, some has entered my plateau of understanding, mostly from the Tantric civilization, preserved by India breaking off Africa crashing into Tibet, where later at such altitudes kernels were descended through the disiplic succession, despite surrounding demonic activities including animalism and conquest: human particle activity within the complete whole being the mark of fragmental quality.

How much space is between me and those institutions endorsing Neitzsche?

Could it all boil down to melatonin glandular excretions?

Like all bewildered philosophers one also has anti-establishment questions that could have had one exterminated in the gas chamber thinking one was about to take a shower, but, who in pre-history - such matters now outnumbered as files cast amongst the ‘lunatic fringe’ - have ever provided answers to the humanities creative uncertainty? - For according to this data, anyone else, based on lifestyle, is unqualified to reap souls. 
I am not European; stellar medieval philosophers are not exactly celebrated as my particular heritage, and never serving an adult institution neither are Greek predecessors who first took intellectual adventures to Cairo!…No… If I’m using the empirical method in a futile attempt to reach the inconceivable complete whole then my timeline goes back, not a mere 5000yrs, but to 2.6m yr old pottery, and unlike the books which first roused interest, my pool for prehistoric hymns and internal research docs remains instinctively global!
Because I absorb and attempt to omnify theories sensed as local (European) – but advise my daughter not to follow any well-behaved atheists - I’m aware that when intellectual opposition build cases against my view, where on the insanity spectrum this view will be placed; present secular teachings and lifestyles of which I engage in my opinion do not constitute sanity, but I am outnumbered, the basis of my self-diagnosed, ongoing nervous melancholia. 

Yes, I acquired the classic Victorian dis-ease of miscivilization a long time ago, being raised in chaos, and surrounded by what Virginia Wolfe labels as barbarous races (the triangle trade in Christ’s name is the obvious counter-charge). 

Regardless of this historical platform enabling the status quo, my 1st concern is every occult data research document not withdrawn and on the shelf…Sadly, only 2nd comes propulsion-questions of an anxious philosopher seemingly riddled by meaninglessness but claiming “I willed it thus”:

No free passes; I don’t endorse secularism just like I don’t endorse Mormonism, world expansion etc. 

Only flirting with applications to induce states of equilibrium after acquiring such scattered states of cerebral speculation do I now have propulsion questions of my own:

Did existentialism emerge in isolation? And beyond neurochemical apps, what western philosophical expeditions such as these can induce subtle states of equilibrium? Furthermore, what eastern philosophical practice can induce a desirable equilibrium?
I’ve attained clearance to progress from these inquiries to superior ones regarding such lifestyles which could enable mankind to live till the sun burns out, at such stage manipulation of resources currently unavailable to us may be exploited; But be mindful: it’d only be for a few of us; it is my firm belief that all tiers of society will still be represented then, like now, and pastimes immemorial, leaving the likes of you and me behind.
There, in the remote future, when bewildered secularism prevails, sky-ground purification techniques from where data regarding patterns within flux has descended - including claims of inconceivable concepts - will be tagged as textbook reality-dodging schizophrenia, making us candidates for the metaphorical gas chamber.  
So out of these stark projections of the future, with nothing but immune-system-attacking probes into faith itself from so-called ‘masters’ on offer today, intellectual adventure takes one south, past the med basin, to data fortunately inextinguishable due to avatara-systems, in the form of hymns, via melatonin-bound spiritually robust myriad beings who predicted region-specific cauterization in this sterility regard, and advised us not to follow, as found in Kemetic/Tantric teachings based on research correlated over multiple, astronomical precessions - of hundreds of millennia continuous - data apparently withdrawn from mainstream society and a subject matter (transmigration of the fragmental self) of which cannot be found practiced in any western institution – (but what I want my daughter to have always known, to safe guard against having her worldview shattered in succession like mine when she leaves mainstream schooling, affecting not just mental-spindle-cell but all-round immune-system T-cell health).

After the European dark ages, then increased comfort levels through insane world expansion, the 18th and 19th self-appointed commentaria suffering the duality of cause and effect posed questions through literary works, those to come later seemingly taking their eyes off the prize: the Vatican. 

By now the intelligent reader should be able to extract what those consciously participating in lifestyle teachings of current power structures banish to the lunatic fringe as ‘insanity’, and a cornerstone of this ‘absurdity’ is fashioned from the empiricism of archeology targeting Northern Europe: the crucible of pious atheism.  Still considering if supporting philosophical disciplines of the 18th and 19th century have no connection to the rest of the world – emerging in arctic isolation of the global wilderness – through geophysics and archeology intellectual allies will access data allowing the better resourced to date satisfactorily when the 1st group, forced by climate change or conquest, formulated then enacted - unleashing to the present date - predetermined and un-symbiotic demonic activity which eventually swamped  the 1st semi-divine beings, their sky-ground (unarguably more virtuous) teachings on the soul, which relatively recent philosophers, their descendant followers educating my descendants through institutional administrative posts, and the wider hemisphere at large alarmingly suffer a collective amnesia, which is disturbing to those in the know. 

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